February 2019 E-Newsletter

May 2018 E-Newsletter

Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

Standardized Testing: Ready, or, Not

Alarms are going off here in Texas, as otherwise good students find themselves falling behind on state tests. {i} These tests measure knowledge two grades above the student’s current grade level, and poor performance can lead to measures as drastic as being retained a grade. So the question arises: do we need to meet students where they are or challenge students to best prepare them for C-STEM jobs of the future?

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Standardized Testing: Ready, or, Not

This Month’s Highlights

Beatrice Mayes Institute STEM Day

STEAM Wednesdays at Beatrice Mayes Institute (BMI) are STEMtastic. BMI integrates STEAM across all subjects and grade levels. Take a look at this short clip, which highlights students engaging with one aspect of STEAM learning experience through the creation of the “Tasty Tacos: The Food Truck”.

Jane Long Academy Wins Film Challenge, Prepares for Challenge Day

This past fall, Houston Independent School District held a STEM Video Content, and after much preparation and hard work, Jane Long Academy emerged as the winner. Contest teams were challenged to create a short video helping students understand how to take online assessments. Not only did teacher Nina Otazo’s students win the honor of first place, they also earned a bid into this year’s C-STEM Challenge Day. Otazo and her students are currently preparing for their entry in the film module for the April 27 competition by studying the C-STEM Challenge Day Curriculum.

STEM 2026 Vision Report

Have you seen the U.S. Department of Education’s STEM 2026 Report? Created in collaboration with American Institutes for Research (AIR) and STEM experts and thought leaders, this report shares out key observations, considerations and recommendations put forth for STEM education in coming years. This aspirational vision will help educators and parents alike prepare students.

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Upcoming Events


Integrated C-STEM Training Institute ~ On-line

Integrated C-STEM Training Institute ~ On-line

At On-line

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9th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

9th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

From 7:30am until 9:00am

At The Junior League of Houston (Tea Room)

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C-STEM Challenge Day 2019

C-STEM Challenge Day

From 11:00am until 5:00pm

At The Health Museum

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Donations and Volunteers Needed:

We’re putting together a Mini-Project for the Public Library and are looking for volunteers to build a book box in front of our office for students.

Breakfast SaveTheDate

Save the Date!

Save the Date for the 9th Annual Stakeholder Breakfast honoring Renee Logans of Access Data Supply, Inc. (ADSI) with the STEMing the Tide Award for her leadership as an ambassador for excellence in public service and reinvestment in people and communities.


Volunteers Needed!

C-STEM Needs Your Talents!

Please sign up today to be a volunteer for the 2019 C-STEM Chanllenge Day.

Saturday, April 27th, 2019
The Health Museum
1515 Herman Dr.
11am – 5pm


Community Spotlight

Sabic becomes a C-STEM partner


SABIC is an international company, with its Americas Region Head Office residing in the Houston area. One of the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, SABIC is keenly aware of the need for C-STEM education for tomorrow’s employees and leaders. They don’t just talk about this. SABIC invests heavily in technology and innovation, and their generous support of C-STEM is one example of this.

Allison Hampton

Thank you Allison

Allison Hampton

Is an intern from the University of Houston Downtown who inspired the Sea Turtle Paper Mache Project for our summer camp students and now serves as the project manager volunteer for C-STEM Free Little Library Public Art Project.


Volunteer Spotlight

Micah Newsome

Michah is a Jackson State University Alum who is volunteering at C-STEM this summer to support communications and mass marketing.

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Meet: Mr. Washington

Mr. Charles Washington, is the insanely talented, environmental artist commissioned to design and build the C-STEM Free Little Library Public Art piece.

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C-STEM Board

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