June 2018 E-Newsletter

May 2018 E-Newsletter

Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

Your Colleague, Artificial Intelligence

“Standardized tests are ineffective tools in measuring a student’s talent and capacity to work smart alongside machines.”

Some people believe that “the fuel you need for AI is just pure data”[1], but that is only one component. You can have all the data in the world, but to make that data useful it must be understood and analyzed. No matter who is analyzing the data (i.e. engineers, computer scientists, artists, or artificial intelligence, etc.), they must first be taught the necessary skills to do their job with accuracy and efficiency.

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Upcoming Events


Read A Book Public Art Fundraising Campaign

This Community Book Box Interactive Public Art has been designed to enlighten, inspire, and expose community members to the unlimited opportunities that can create unlimited possibilities in their future.

At C-STEM Headquarters

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Integrated C-STEM Teacher Training Institute ~ On-line

Integrated C-STEM Teacher Training Institute ~ On-line

At On-line

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Emancipation Park Day Camp

Emancipation Park Day Camp – STEM Activities Ages 6-13

From 10:30am until 4:30pm

At Emancipation Park Community Center

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C-STEM Teacher & Student Support Services


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This Month’s Highlights

MoneyLive Event

Thank you to Money Live for putting together such a wonderful event! Don’t just take our word for it, check out the pics from the event.

Emancipation Park Juneteenth

C-STEM had a great time celebrating Juneteenth at Emancipation Park Conservancy. The students really enjoyed their C-STEM activities and the engaging talk given by Mrs. Jacqueline W. Bostic. See photos here.

GlobalMindED Conference

In June we attended the GlobalMindED Conference in Denver, CO. See a clip of Dr. Flowers here, or for photos from the event click here.

Say “Hi” to our New Interns!

C-STEM Summer 2018 Interns



C-STEM Summer 2018 Intern

C-STEM Summer 2018 Intern

C-STEM Summer 2018 Intern



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