May 2018 E-Newsletter

May 2018 E-Newsletter

Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

STEMing Up During Summer

The first day of summer is fast approaching. Schools across the U.S. are preparing to downsize for the summer months and are re-tooling for the upcoming school year. There are students preparing for summer camps, adventures, and vacations; while others are preparing for whatever the day brings.

During the academic year, every student enrolled in a school excelled at learning something because of their teachers, mentors, peers, siblings, and/or family members.

I find summer to be a perfect time to add to students’ personal stories of achievement with experiences that add value and propels towards what will come next in their learning journey.

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Volunteers Needed:

We’re putting together a Mini-Project for the Public Library and are looking for volunteers to build a book box in front of our office for students. Click Here to  sign up as a volunteer.

Outside of C-STEM

Dr. Reagan Flowers to speak at the Global MindED conference in Denver, Colorado in June.

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This Month’s Highlights

Check out Our New Site!

If you’re here, you can tell we’ve had some work done. Take a look around and give us some feedback on the updates.

New Board Members

We’re honored to welcome Cherrilyn Nedd and Nancy Kralik to the Executive Board.

C-STEM’s Expansion to Virginia

The C-STEM Challenge program will be expanding to Portsmouth Public Schools in Virginia for the upcoming school year.

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