National C-STEM Challenge 2020 FAQ/COVID-19 Impact


C-STEM/COVID-19 Impact: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 4/06/2020


Q. How do I request a refund for C-STEM Challenge Membership fees?

A. Please email with the payee’s information to request a refund prior to June 13, 2020. Our Accounting Department will be processing refund requests in the order that they are received.

Q. Can the C-STEM credit my account for future membership fees rather than issuing a refund?

A. Yes, C-STEM can credit your account towards future membership fees rather than issuing a refund.

Q. How do I cancel my hotel reservations?

A. Hotel rooms booked through C-STEM were released automatically by the hotel. There will be NO penalties on the cancellations for teams that booked through C-STEM. If you did not book through C-STEM official hotel block, we encourage that you reach out directly to the hotel as soon as possible. Please contact for help canceling hotel reservations made through C-STEM.

Q. Will there be a new Challenge released?

A. We do not have any information regarding the release of a new Challenge this time.

Q. Why can’t you just postpone to another date?

A. We assure you that C-STEM tried everything possible to make the National C-STEM Challenge Day happen, but the safety of the community comes first. The logistics of an event this size makes it impractical and almost impossible to reschedule give our staff size and capacity. We know many of you are very disappointed to hear this, and so are we.

Q. Why was the National C-STEM Challenge Day canceled?

A. The decision to cancel the Challenge has been made based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and state and local health officials, as well as the declaration of states of emergency across many states, the ever-expanding travel restrictions for schools, and in light of recent developments.

Q. I’m graduating in May; how will I receive my honor cords?

A. C-STEM recognizes current high school seniors would like to still receive their C-STEM Honor Cords and we are evaluating the best options to get them to them.

Q. What does this mean for the future of the National C-STEM Challenge?

A. We are committed to fulfilling the mission of C-STEM for decades to come.