November 2021 C-STEM Newsletter

Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

1 Million Reasons to Focus on STEM Jobs

1 million STEM jobs by the end of the decade. This new data shows that STEM careers are showing just as much potential as when I founded C-STEM more than two decades ago. Therefore, the need to level the playing field for students with less opportunity is greater than ever.    Read the Full Article…


It’s Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday_2021

While we know this is definitely not the only request you have received asking you to donate on Giving Tuesday — there’s a good chance that we’re the only accredited and nationally recognized PreK thru 20 STEM program you can support AND directly help Black, Hispanic, and Female students with every donation.

So here are some of our top C-STEM toolkits your donations will sponsor for students who are often NEVER provided a STEM toolkit that introduces them to hands-on real-world learning. DONATE NOW!

Opportunities & Deadlines

Take action!

Watch this section for great opportunities coming up or closing soon.

CSEdWeek 2021

Dec. 6-12
Computer Science Education Week is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equity and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers and partners to the field. This year’s theme is #CSEverywhere.

Learn more here.

Women in STEM Guide has created a free online Women in STEM guide that covers navigating college as a woman in STEM, how to succeed in the field and scholarships. See the guide.

WISE 2021 Summit

World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is hosting its global summit Dec. 7-9 in Doha, Qatar, but participants are welcome to attend virtually.  This year’s theme is “Generation Unmute: Reclaiming our Future through Education.” Registrations and proposals are now being accepted for the event.

Register or submit a proposal.

Texas Women & Girls in STEM Summit

Friday, December 10
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Online via Zoom and Gatherly

This event is open to adults engaged in STEM education, outreach and other programs designed to advance the engagement, recruitment, retention, and persistence of women and girls in STEM.

Register here.

Operation Love

Saturday, December 4th (Toy Drive)
Saturday, December 11th (Christmas Celebration)

Giving the gift of Christmas is so incredibly special. Your donations will positively impact families who are struggling to provide basic needs for their children who are students at Blackshear Elementary School in the historic 3rd Ward.

Get involved with Operation Love here.

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This Month’s Highlights

Support STEM This Holiday Season

At Cloth & Cord they believe it is never too early to support STEM/STEAM learning.  This holiday season Cloth & Cord are supporting C-STEM’s efforts to provide Robotics Toolkits to preschoolers!

Did you know that many Cloth & Cord daily processes use STEM?

From e-commerce integrations, picking, packing and shipping orders to using a barcode system to re-order the raw materials. Understanding STEM is essential to growing our handmade product business!

Donate Now, a Robotics Kit to Underserved Youth!

Donate a Robotics KIT (1)

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Halliburton Shares STEM with Sheldon ISD

Sheldon ISD recently had a special treat — visiting with and learning from two Halliburton professionals, Sr. Technical Sales Advisor Luis Padilla and Global Marketing Manager Luly Castillo. They shared about the paths that led them to their current roles, choosing the Oil and Gas Industry, Halliburton, and its work.

“I feel the need to help and encourage kids in my community as thanks for other people’s support,” Castillo said. She said it was because of this support that she was able to achieve her dreams to go to college.

Padilla said it’s important for STEM students to see a few career paths and to motivate them to continue to pursue their dream in a STEM major. 

The kids were excited to learn firsthand about careers they can be a part of in the future. “They showed interest in coming to see our facility and we are more than excited to welcome them during the spring,” Castillo said. “I believe the students learned that the sky is the limit for reaching their goals, and that there are lots of opportunities for those who would like to travel and work internationally.”

“They are way ahead of  where I was when I was their age, and you can see their determination. They will be our near future leaders,” Padilla said.

Interns Developing Educational Games

We’re proud to welcome interns Claris Martinez, Kevin Segarra and Todd McCracken to the C-STEM family. They are working in our new intern program in partnership with San Jacinto Community College. Professor James Isaacks at the college will mentor the students as they develop new resources for the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute’s curriculum for PreK-12 teachers.

“The interns are creating a set of web-based educational games to replace some of the Adobe Flash based quiz games C-STEM was using,” Isaacks said. “These small games are designed to teach K-12 students about parts in the C-STEM robotics kit, familiarize them with assembly of the robots and teach them some basic programming logic to make robots move.”

Isaacks explained that the internship program was designed to arm students with skills and results that will be attractive to potential employers. “We intentionally chose a license and project structure that would maximize what the interns can do with the project afterwards,” he said. “We are also using a language and tool that these interns are new to, introducing them to the faster pace the industry moves at by having them learn as they go. JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and the MERN stack are all in high demand, so we are training them in sought after and marketable job skills.”

Isaacks also said the partnership between C-STEM and the college will also prepare the students for the corporate world. “The situation closely mirrors real-world work where developers are answerable to both their company and their clients,” he said. “It is an experience most entry-level job seekers do not have and is another advantage for these interns.”


Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 9.54.37 PM

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 9.55.28 PM

Blast From the Past Corner

We get the biggest joy going back down memory lane. C-STEM has touched so many lives. We have been serving communities near and far for more than two decades. It is our hope that this memory places a smile on your face and warms your heart. This month, we’re bringing you a video of our 2016 National Youth Commissioners Retreat.

C-STEM Upcoming Events


The Gift of Robotics This Holiday Season!

Please help Cloth & Cord this holiday season by donating, October 11th – December 3rd, to provide preschoolers with Robotics Toolkits.

Find out more…


11th Annual C-STEM Holiday Social

Save The Date!!!

From 5:30 PM until 7:00 PM Timezone: Central Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City time

At Five Woods, LLC

Find out more…


10th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

The 10th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast brings together P-12 schools, higher education, professional organizations, corporations, and public servant leaders to receive updates on C-STEM’s community impact and the current state of STEM education.

From 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM Timezone: Central Central Time (US & Canada), Mexico City time



See all upcoming events here

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Partners

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Executive Board

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Advisory Board

Michael Aldridge
Shomari Williams
Joi Beasley
Zawadi Bryant
Bobby Bryant
Lucy Bremond
Antonio ‘Tony’ Canales
LaQuita Cyprian
Laolu Davies Yemitan
Gayle Fallon
Ruthie Esene
Michael Harris
Renee Logans
David Medina
Antoinette Jackson
Scott Minnix
Dr. Sandra Saldana Ortega
Susan Taylor
Dr. Frazier Wilson
Syalisa Winata
Ross Peters
Dr. Robert Satcher
Charles Samuel
Miloni Shah
Cherrilyn B. Nedd
Dr. Martina Ogbonna
Dr. Letitia Franklin Ozoude

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WISE Award Finalist

STEM Access Champion of Change by The White House